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GOP A big hit at the Gloucester City Shamrock Festival

September 19, 2010


 An open letter from  Gloucester City GOP Chairman, Wil Levins:

Dear friends and fellow residents,

We would like to thank the Gloucester City Irish Society for once more presenting another excellent Shamrock Festival for the residents of Gloucester City.  From the food and merchandise vendors to the live bands playing festive Irish music, it was indeed a great day on the Delaware River!

The reception from Gloucester City residents our candidates received yesterday was very inspiring.  Candidates Dale Glading (for Congress), Harry Trout (for State Senate), George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro (for Freeholder) and Christine Leone-Zwillinger (for Surrogate)  again came to our community to let all of our residents know that our concerns about the mismanagement of our County and State have not gone unheard but are the absolute focus of their campaigns.  The demand from residents to correct the pervasive reckless spending, corruption and favoritism that has plagued many county and state agencies is their driving cause.

We are also proud to report that the Gloucester City GOP was able to distribute well over a hundred pieces of organization information as well as to recruit 16 new members to join our small but growing group.  We welcome all residents who wish to become involved in helping our community, county and state bring about the oversight and restraint needed to conduct the people’s business responsibly.  We are glad to see so many interested in the great slate of candidates running this November 2nd, in Column 2.

We hope everyone who attended the Shamrock Festival had a great time and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

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