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Camden County Democrats on Bryant Corruption: “Not Important”

October 4, 2010

Wayne Bryant with Joe Roberts, Lou Greenwald and John Adler


Yesterday, the Courier Post’s Jane Roh did a story on Wayne Bryant’s indictment and the Camden County Democrat Party’s reaction.  The Camden County Democrat response is predictable and disappointing.   According to the article, 

[Donald] Norcross was reluctant to discuss how the CCDC handled the Bryant matter, saying it was not relevant. 

“I don’t think it’s important,” he argued. 

I realize Senator Norcross is entitled to his opinion but, as a United States Attorney, Chris Christie, had a much different view. 

Chris Christie called the Lawnside Democrat’s behavior “the most reprehensible I have seen in my seven years as U.S. attorney for New Jersey.” 

Quite a contrast!  


The Democrats and their supporters go to great lengths to characterize our Governor as a “bully”.  However, the Camden County Democrats refuse to denounce Wayne Bryant and his corruption and they refuse to address their party faithful on this issue.  The Democrats have been unyielding in their refusal to denounce Wayne Bryant and his corruption. 

“The Camden County Democratic Committee was always in need of reform,” said Michael Martin, a former CCDC volunteer who lived in Haddonfield until last summer.  

“They did not seem to see any problem with Wayne Bryant.” 

Why do the Camden County Democrats have such reluctance to denounce such obvious corrupt acts? In a word – MONEY! 

“Camden’s elected officials were silent on Wayne Bryant’s law firm getting a no-bid contract to carry out this massive eminent domain process,” said Frank Fulbrook, an outspoken city activist. 

[Dana] Redd, a city councilwoman at the time of the Cramer Hill battle, is now Camden’s mayor. In 2005, she admitted she had not read a study about the relocation project before voting for it. She also vocally defended Bryant throughout the federal corruption probe, and as chair of the Camden Housing Authority, attempted to steer legal contracts to Bryant’s law firm, according to published reports. 

 George Zallie has been courting the Black vote in Camden and asked this question, 

“What do the people of Camden City get by continually voting for Democrats?”  

“Street money to go and vote on Election Day is what they get. Then the rest of the year they’re forgotten. The Wayne Bryant story is not over.” 

This year voters have a real choice.  Zallie and DeCristofaro offer a significant departure from the corruption, money, no-bid contracts  and silence.  On November 2nd vote to get Camden County back on track.  Vote Column 2.


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