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The Freeholder Impact on Our Lives

October 5, 2010

George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro

What does a freeholder actually do for the residents of Camden County? Aside from our locally elected officials, the County Freeholders have the most direct impact on our daily lives, even more so than the majority of elected politicians at the state and national levels.  

A large portion of our tax dollars, over $320 million this year alone, go to our county to be directed and spent by a governing body of seven elected officials.  These officials are known as the Board of Chosen Freeholders and they are in charge of the operation of Camden County.  Think of them as a board of directors and Camden County as the business they are responsible for running.

They direct the spending of our tax dollars on a variety of important functions, such as but not limited to, job attraction and retention, county controlled roads, community colleges & technical schools, libraries, sewer systems, capital construction projects and health & welfare services.  In short, the County Freeholders possess a wide range of influence on our property taxes, the quality and quantity of our region’s governmental services and our area’s overall economy.


For twenty years a single party has held control over Camden County through an absolute majority on the Board of Chosen Freeholders.  For twenty years this unchecked authority has been able to direct billions and billions of our tax dollars without any internal partisan oversight, without direct competition to include new ideas or to make sure projects and positions were shown no favoritism by holding corruption accountable.

Well, after twenty years, I believe the results speak for themselves.  So the questions now become: Are you happy with the current Board of Chosen Freeholders?  Do you agree we can do a better job by eliminating favoritism and corruption?  Do you feel Camden County is a better place to live now then it was twenty years ago?  Where you affected by employment opportunities becoming stale in Camden County while those in Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs increased over the same twenty year period?

This year we have a genuine opportunity to elect two freeholders who know what building and running a business responsibly is all about.  Being business owners themselves George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro know how to use efficiency and accountability to make sure we taxpayers receive what we have been taxed for.  They agree that we ought to be able to keep more of our own, hard-earned money while still enjoying quality services our government should provide.  Most importantly, George and Scot recognize that a strong economic development plan is absolutely essential for the prosperity of our region, one that is filled with skilled laborers aching to get back to work. 

This upcoming election is not simply about party, principles or ideology…it is about people.  It is about making sure our government does what is morally and economically responsibly for our residents.  With the confidence of our votes we can send a clear and undeniable message that we expect better of those chosen to represent us.  Through our votes we can hold accountable those politicians who have failed to show us the respect we deserve for our sacrifice as taxpayers.

With all of this in mind, I am asking you to vote for Freeholder Candidates George Zallie and Scot DeCristofaro, in column 2, on November 2nd and help us send a message of accountability for all the residents of Camden County.

Special thanks to Wil Levin for his work on this post

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  1. Taxpayer550 permalink
    October 6, 2010 4:11 pm

    If the residents of Camden County want to bring about change that’s in their own best interest, they can start by voting for these two gentlemen. Obviously, the current board of freeholders does not have our best interest in mind.

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