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More Bad News For Adler’s “Tea Party” Candidate DeStefano

October 8, 2010

John Adler

The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, along with the West Jersey Tea Party and Cherry Hill Area Tea Party, is planning a rally/press conference outside the Indian Chief Tavern at 6:15 PM, tonight, to demand that Peter DeStefano withdraw his so-called “NJ Tea Party” candidacy from the 3rd Congressional District race.  

Today’s explosive story by Jane Row of the Courier Post, linking Peter DeStefano’s campaign to the Democratic Party and John Adler (D-3), has caused a great deal of resentment in the Tea Party movement.

Mr. DeStefano’s name is scheduled to appear on the general election ballot under the banner “NJ Tea Party.”  

“Trouble is, while Mr. DeStefano has no ties to the Tea Party Movement, he does have strong ties to the Democratic Party and John Adler,” 

said PAC Vice President for New Jersey, Bill Green. 

“That Adler operatives would go to such lengths to try to confuse voters in an attempt to win an election is downright cynical and insulting,” 

said Mr. Green.

“Mr. DeStefano should withdraw his candidacy from the 3rd Congressional District immediately.  And Mr. Adler, who has previously lied about his involvement in this hoax, should finally come clean on what he knew and when he knew it.”   

(Mr. DeStefano is holding a fundraiser at the Indian Chief Tavern from 6:30-9:30 PM tonight.) 

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  1. TOM Bove permalink
    October 22, 2010 6:55 pm

    If Adler wins on Nov.2nd and the truth comes out about this he should be recalled and stripped of all his pension and other bennies. He should also do federal jail time.

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