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Obama Continues to Fail

October 11, 2010

Barack Obama

Our economy continues to fail and Barack Obama and the Democrats refuse to provide any ideas or leadership.  Any a fool can see we need jobs in this country.  Due to bad policy from the White House and Congress unemployment is rising and fast.  You might be expecting a video below with a political edge or a humorous poke at Barack Obama. 

Not this time. 

Instead we give you a sobering non-partisan video from Reuters.   No bias, no spin, no agenda,  just a news report.  A mere 60 seconds on one of the key fundamentals to our economy – unemployment.

The U.S. economy loses 95,000 jobs and the Congress adjourns without trying to get this country back on track.  Where is the pan to get business to start hiring our workers again?

All of the campaigning  will not save the Democrats now.  We wonder if any of the 95,000 newly unemployed people will be voting to send a democrat to congress this time.  So much for hope and change.


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