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Fake Tea Party Candidate meet “Fake John Adler”

October 15, 2010

John Adler with Jon Corzine

Well we cannot say it was unexpected.  John Adler’s bogus denial of his involvement with the fake tea party candidate Peter DeStefano has led to a “Fake John Adler”. 

Ok …. I know what you are saying “no one could be faker than the John Adler himself”.  (Yes we know it was Adler who self-proclaimed that he was an independent minded centrist and that begs us to forget Adler’s liberal Democrat record in the New Jersey Senate.)

We are referencing  “Fake John Adler” who has appeared on Twitter.  You can follow Fake John Adler here: 

The tweets of Fake John Adler are a humorous diversion from an otherwise intense race to shape our nations future. 

If there is going to be a fake tea party candidate we guess it is only appropriate to have a Fake John Adler.  Unfortunately for New Jersey we had the Fake John Adler long before Peter DeStefano got involved in this race.

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  1. Firesign58 permalink
    October 15, 2010 11:22 am

    Perfect. Adler IS a joke. Why no one has run both Adler and DeStefano out on a rail is beyond me. Seriously, why aren’t people protesting outside Adler’s office every day with signs telling all the gory details to every passerby? Guess we Jersey folks are just too civil. But it’s the end of the road for these entitlement-mentality Dems and pseudoDems (Dems lite).
    VOTE 2010 – GO RUNYAN!

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