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The Final Stretch

October 15, 2010

Chris Leon-Zwillinger, George J. Zallie & Scot DeCristofaro


The race for Freeholder and Surrogate in Camden County will be very close this year.  We know the people in Camden County need property tax relief and that is something the Camden County Democrats consistently fail to deliver.  George Zallie, Scot DeCristofaro and Cris Leone Zwillinger are fiscal conservatives who know how to cut taxes and create jobs. 

George, Scot and Chris are door knocking, making phone calls, and meeting with as many people from around the county, but they need your help.  Please join us any day of the week anytime between 10am and 9pm at our Cherry Hill Headquarters at 900 Haddonfield Rd. (directly across from the shops at Garden State Race Track).

We are looking for as many volunteers as possible to assist us in working the phone banks. We also have lawn signs. Please come by our headquarters and get your Zallie DeCristofaro Leone Zwillinger lawn sign.

If you are interested in helping in any way or have any questions, please call headquarters at  856-701-2870.  You can also reach Erick Ford, at or Sarah Crosbie, at

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