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Camden GOP Continues To Work Towards Victory

October 17, 2010

Scot DeCristofaro talks with a Camden County voter

Yesterday was a great day for team Leone-Zwillinger, Zallie and DeCristofaro.  The headquarters was full of volunteers making phone calls while the candidates hit the streets to go door to door and discuss their plan for Camden County one voter at a time.  Above is a photo of Scot DeCristofaro in the neighborhoods talking with a voter.

Yesterday’s Courier Post detailed the ridiculous Camden County Democrat television commercials that tries to blame our high property taxes on anyone but Ed McDonnell and Carmen Rodriguez.

Camden County Republican Committee Chairman Richard DeMichele said it was “laughable” for incumbents on the all-Democratic board to blame the budget crisis on Zallie and DeCristofaro, who have never before held elected office.

DeMichele said his data indicated Zallie and DeCristofaro were within striking distance.

“If they didn’t spend money on TV to try to defeat us it would mean we weren’t in the game,” he said. “When their internal polling shows they’re not in a good position they do things like this.”

 Help us push back on high property taxes and wasteful government.  Pease contact Erick Ford at to help the Zallie and DeCristofaro campaign.

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