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More Positive Press for Zallie and DeCristofaro

October 18, 2010

George Zallie & Scot DeCristofaro


There can be no doubt Camden County has a very competitive freeholder race and the Democrats know it.  The Philadelphia Inquire’s James Osborne detailed the competitive nature of the race in his article today.

When asked about increasing property taxes Carmen Rodriguez told the Inquirer:

“A lot of it’s out of our control,”

During the campaign, Zallie and DeCristofaro have attacked the Democratic establishment and its long hold on county government.  The Camden County Democrats solely own the property tax mess in Camden County.  They have no one to blame but themselves.  Despite the obvious reason for property tax increases Rodriguez could not help herself in a lame attempt to blame others.  Rodriguez said,

“We try to bring people to the table to find new, creative ways to reduce spending, and not just at the county level but in the towns and school districts also.”

Zallie countered,

“We have a system of government where contracts are not transparent and law firms are politically connected.  It’s all very incestuous.”

Osborne correctly pointed out;

Professional-services firms that do business with Camden County are major donors to Rodriguez and McDonnell’s campaign, as well as the county Democratic Party.

Ed McDonnell acknowledged the professional service firms money would be helpful in his re-election campaign.  He told the Inquirer,

“Last election, we only spent about $10,000. This time, we’re going to spend some money.  The political climate is a little different this time.”

When McDonnell uses the term political climate he really means the property tax payers cannot afford his brand of government any more. 

To help lower your property taxes and help the Zallie and DeCristofaro campaign contact Erick Ford

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