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A Second Chance for the GOP

October 30, 2010

Barack Obama


As Election Day nears, those of us with an outsider’s interest in politics spend lots of time guessing about the results that will be revealed to us by the morning of November 3.

     The vast amount of public information attests to the fact that the probable outcome is going to be within the boundaries of a dramatic sea change and a tsunami, in the House of Representatives with our side obtaining a majority. Therefore, “bye-bye, Speaker Pelosi.

     The results of the Senate are likely to be a bit less dramatic. However, no celebrity pundit predicts that the filibuster-proof majority of the Democrats will remain as it is. Many of the pros believe that the GOP will win the 10 Senate seats necessary to obtain majority control.

     A friend of mine stated that, although he was pleased that the Democrats would be seriously harmed, he believed it revealed that the American voting public was “fickle.” When I asked why, he mentioned that prior to 2006 the Republicans controlled the House and Senate and were tossed out after the election of that year. And, he continued, “a short four years later, it is a serious possibility that the reverse will occur.”

     My friend is a smart guy with sound political insights. And, I admit, that I was forced to think through his comments since I tend to have more confidence than he in the wisdom of the American voting public. After a few moments I was able to determine a distinction between the similar end results of “throwing the bums out.”

     If, indeed, the Dems are tossed out after this election it will be for a different reason than why the GOP was given the “heave-ho” in 2006. In that year, the independents, those who decide most elections, sided with the Democrats because the government expansion and big spending actions of the Republicans did not match their previously stated positions. Sadly, we have to admit that there was a high degree of hypocrisy on our side.

     If the 2010 outcome goes as expected, the liberal left-wing of the Democratic Party will be tossed because they did exactly as they have preached for decades. They actively legislated expanded government intrusion in the lives of Americans, added to the debt, and strongly pushed the pendulum away from the priorities of President Reagan. They proudly, and bullishly, served as soldiers to President Obama in their attempts to “spread the wealth around.” However, they acted with more integrity than the previous GOP majority because they acted in a manner that was congruent with their statements.

     So, if we wake up on Wednesday, November 3 with the news of victory, there are a few messages from our side to our new and re-elected Republican legislators:

     1. Possess and maintain gratitude –The Tea Party movement reinvigorated our Party. Without the consistent efforts of committed individuals, you would not have your job.
     2. Demonstrate humility – Follow through on the priorities of the tidal wave that got you elected. Tag your actions to the Constitution, adopt a perspective of spending less, and decrease the influence of Federal control over the lives of people.
     3. Communicate the primacy of personal responsibility – All one needs to know is, that according to Frank Luntz and his focus group results, on the nomination night in 2008, when most of us met Sarah Palin for the first time, she scored her highest meter rating when she uttered the words “personal responsibility.”
     4. Speak up for capitalism – The greatest source of curtailing government growth is to strongly verbalize your belief in free markets as the source of optimism, opportunity, economic growth and job creation.
     5. Anticipate personal attacks by your opponents – By now, conservatives should not be surprised by personal accusations that we are “mean-spirited”, “racist”, “sexist”, and “homophobic” by the other side, rather than focused critiques of their strategy. Shame on the Republicans if they have not prepared terse and targeted put-downs to this overused tactic consistently used by the liberal left.

     A final warning to the Republican Party representatives; you screwed up once by veering away from core conservative principles. The Tea Party movement gives you a second chance. Don’t blow it!

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  1. SpeakUpNJ permalink
    October 30, 2010 10:56 am

    The Tea Party is NOT going away after this election. It will be stronger. Do NOT try to placate us with platitudes and “we understand now what you want” wistful words! The Tea Party will be present to “guide” our congressional legislators that they did not get elected to go down to DC and co-op with the Democrats to try run this country from inside the beltway with elitist “we know better” attitudes and political backroom maneuvers… EVER again. They are sent there solely to represent and serve the Constitution of the United States of America and the people of those United States! That is their job…that is their only job! Preserve and protect! Got It ! If they don’t get it, The Tea Party will be still be here in 2012 to be sure they are one term wonders!

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