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Camden GOP: Local Victories By the Numbers.

November 5, 2010

Ed Forte and Rose Fitzgerald with Scott Alexander


We are definitely making a come back in Camden County.  The television and print press seemingly cannot get enough of Joh Runyan’s defeat of John Adler. 

The other story in Camden County is we have made significant improvements in our organization and the results are starting to show.  In Camden County we had a net gain of local elected official victories in 2010.  Below is a vote total breakdown of some of the local Republican victories.


Berlin Borough

William R. Casey – 860

 William R. Donnelly – 817

Lynn Kupchik – 1,089

Jim Pearce – 1,072

Haddon Heights Borough

 Barbara Cortese – 1,175

 Tom Ottoson – 1,164

Edward S. Forte, Jr. – 1,559

Rosemary Fitzgerald – 1,618

Voorhees Township

DEM Dean T. Mazurek – 3,712

Michael S. Friedman – 3,935

Waterford Township 

 Roeder D. Halbert – 1,199

Maryann Merlino – 1,226

William Richardson – 1,316

 William Hurley – 1,274

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