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Post Election – Love Is in the Air!

November 9, 2010

The most noteworthy post-election news is not who will be on the redistricting committee or who will be on the Runyan transition or even whether Domenick DiCicco will run for senate in the fourth legislative district.  No the real story is this past election cycle is what it took to spur a committment of love.  Yes we have our first political engagement of the post-election season.

Some thought this day may never come others though they may not be alive if and when the day came.   Happily those that were waiting need not wait any longer. 

Yes it is true ….. Scott Morrison popped the question to Lisa Bialoskurski.  You can see a photo of her new shining hardware above.  (Judging from the condition of her manicure this was probably a surprise to Lisa B.  … and yes we notice those things)  Apparently Scott could not wait until Christmas or even Thanksgiving. 

What is the political relevance you may ask?  Scott is a former Freeholder candidate in Camden County and Lisa is the vice chair of the Cherry Hill Republican Organization and a vice president at the political consulting firm of Jamestown Associates.   The two met in the vast world or Camden County politics and have been dating for some time.  Ok, I know this is a “political stretch” and probably belongs on our society page (if we had one)! 

Congratulations to the happy couple.  On this big night one can only wonder where the two will settle down.  While Scott is originally from Camden County he is now living in Missouri.  Will New Jersey lose one of its highly valued consultants or will New Jersey get back a veteran campaigner? 

Time will tell….

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  1. Rose Fitzgerald permalink
    November 11, 2010 2:49 pm

    Wonderful story! Congratulations to both of you.


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