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New Jersey and the RNC Chairmanship.

November 15, 2010

Now that the elections are over political water cooler talk always seems to center around internal leadership.  This year is no different. 

The talk of a challenge to RNC Chairman Michael Steele is in full swing.  Some say Steele has been very successful and point to an impressive list of wins, Scott Brown, Massachusetts; Chris Christie, New Jersey; Bob McDonnell, Virginia and the 2010 House of Representatives takeover.  Others are lining up to challenge him saying the wins were in spite of Steele.  The intraparty election is January 20, 2011.

Below is a video of Chris Matthews discussing the RNC Chairmanship:

Saul Anuzis, the former Michigan State Republican Party Chairman, has publicly announced his candidacy.  According to the following people are possible contenders for the seat:

Henry Barbour

Haley Barbour

Maria Cino

Norm Coleman

Katon Dawson

Mike Duncan

Gary Emineth

Robert A. Gleason Jr.

Frank Keating

Robert F. List

Reince Priebus

We expect this list to continue to grow with even more hopefuls tossing their hat in the ring.  With his ever prominent national profile it is hard not to wonder who Chris Christie will support. 

Agreed it is early but Chris Christie has not disclosed whether he is supporting Steele.   Our State Party Chair, Jay Webber, our recently elected National Committeeman, Bill Palatucci, and our National Committeewoman Virginia Haines have yet to publicly disclose who they are supporting.  Stay tuned…..

Below is a list of the past chairmen of the RNC:

Chairman Term State
Edwin D. Morgan 1856–1864 New York
Henry J. Raymond 1864–1866 New York
Marcus L. Ward 1866–1868 New Jersey
William Claflin 1868–1872 Massachusetts
Edwin D. Morgan 1872–1876 New York
Zachariah Chandler 1876–1879 Michigan
J. Donald Cameron 1879–1880 Pennsylvania
Marshall Jewell 1880–1883 Connecticut
Dwight M. Sabin 1883–1884 Minnesota
B. F. Jones 1884–1888 New Jersey
Matthew S. Quay 1888–1891 Pennsylvania
James S. Clarkson 1891–1892 Iowa
William J. Campbell 1892 Illinois
Thomas H. Carter 1892–1896 Montana
Marcus A. Hanna 1896–1904 Ohio
Henry Clay Payne 1904 Wisconsin
George Bruce Cortelyou 1904–1907 New York
Harry S. New 1907–1908 Indiana
Frank Harris Hitchcock 1908–1909 Ohio
John Fremont Hill 1909–1912 Maine
Victor Rosewater 1912 Nebraska
Charles D. Hilles 1912–1916 New York
William R. Willcox 1916–1918 New York
Will H. Hays 1918–1921 Indiana
John T. Adams 1921–1924 Iowa
William M. Butler 1924–1928 Massachusetts
Hubert Work 1928–1929 Colorado
Claudius H. Huston 1929–1930 Tennessee
Simeon D. Fess 1930-1932 Ohio
Everett Sanders 1932–1934 Indiana
Henry P. Fletcher 1934–1936 Pennsylvania
John D. M. Hamilton 1936–1940 Kansas
Joseph W. Martin, Jr. 1940–1942 Massachusetts
Harrison E. Spangler 1942–1944 Iowa
Herbert Brownell, Jr. 1944–1946 New York
Carroll Reece 1946–1948 Tennessee
Hugh D. Scott, Jr. 1948–1949 Pennsylvania
Guy G. Gabrielson 1949–1952 New Jersey
Arthur E. Summerfield 1952–1953 Michigan
Wesley Roberts 1953 Kansas
Leonard W. Hall 1953–1957 New York
Meade Alcorn 1957–1959 Connecticut
Thruston B. Morton 1959–1961 Kentucky
William E. Miller 1961–1964 New York
Dean Burch 1964–1965 Arizona
Ray C. Bliss 1965–1969 Ohio
Rogers C. B. Morton 1969–1971 Maryland
Robert Dole 1971–1973 Kansas
George H. W. Bush 1973–1974 Texas
Mary Louise Smith 1974–1977 Iowa
William E. Brock III 1977–1981 Tennessee
Richard Richards 1981–1983 Utah
Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr. 1983–1989 Nevada
Lee Atwater 1989–1991 South Carolina
Clayton Keith Yeutter 1991–1992 Nebraska
Richard Bond 1992–1993 Missouri
Haley Barbour 1993–1997 Mississippi
Jim Nicholson 1997–2001 Colorado
Jim Gilmore 2001–2002 Virginia
Marc Racicot 2002–2003 Montana
Ed Gillespie 2003–2005 Virginia
Ken Mehlman 2005–2007 Washington, D.C.
Mike Duncan 2007–2009 Kentucky
Mel Martinez 2007 Florida
Michael Steele 2009–present Maryland

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