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DiCicco: How can Democrats continue to ignore pleas for property tax reform?

November 18, 2010




Domenick DiCicco


After meeting with mayors and other local officials at the New Jersey State League of Municipalities’ annual convention, Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco said the need for property tax reform has never been more urgent.

“The frustration of local officials is very real and understandable,”

DiCicco said.

“We enacted a firm bipartisan cap on property taxes, but Democratic leadership has refused to let us vote on legislation that will help local officials control their budgets to meet that cap and relieve property taxpayers.


“It’s almost as if Democratic leaders want the cap to fail and property taxes to rise,”

DiCicco added.

DiCicco participated in a panel discussion at the league’s convention in Atlantic City yesterday.

“Mayors from both parties representing small hamlets to large cities want us to deliver relief through the property tax reform Tool Kit legislation that has been stalled by the Democrats. Residents and local officials have my support,”

DiCicco said.

“I hope my district colleague, Assemblyman Paul Moriarty, a former mayor himself, would remember what it’s like to be a local official and demand that his party leaders post the Tool Kit legislation,”

DiCicco added.

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  1. SpeakUpNJ permalink
    November 18, 2010 10:33 am

    Domenik…the Democrats are going to pay dearly for their inability to “get it” as Christie would say! They still think they can win by going against the will of the general public and while they keep appeasing the special interest groups. The election is coming Domenik, allow them to self-destruct!!! Just stay true to the core principles…Fiscal Responsibility and Reduced Government…and the people will carry the Republicans to victory this next election.

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