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DiCicco Hopes DRPA Helps Commuters

December 1, 2010



Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco

Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco said  he believes the Delaware River Port Authority’s (DRPA) finance committee should adopt the resolution at its meeting today that would postpone for another year a $1 toll increase scheduled to take effect in July 2011.  We commented yesterday about Jeff Nash and his “Wall Street” excuses.  Now is the time for Nash and the DRPA to put the interests of the people of South Jersey first and postpone a $1 toll increase.

“With little economic improvement seen in New Jersey or its neighboring states across the Delaware River, I support the proposal to put off next year’s rate increase,”

said DiCicco. 

“The authority needs to determine how to run its operation without reaching deeper into the pockets of commuters who have been forced to tighten their belts due to the recession. 

“The DRPA needs to exhaust all its options in order to avoid next year’s rate hike,”

continued DiCicco. 

“It might be a challenge, but commuters could use some help. It is time to deliver a positive message to travelers that the authority understands the additional burden that next year’s increase would create.”


According to a news report in Tuesday’s Courier Post, the DRPA’s 2011 proposed budget projects an 11.4 percent increase in revenues that would be offset by increased debt payments.  The 2011 budget is two percent less than the current year, excluding debt service.

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