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Nash has a Commitment Problem!

December 2, 2010

Jeff Nash

The Delaware River Port Authority met last night.  During the nearly 3 hour meeting they discussed postponing a $1 toll increase.  After all that talk Jeff Nash still will not commit to not raising commuter tolls.  He is still clinging to his “Wall Street” doesn’t want us to excuse.  Once again the blame is for anyone but Nash.

The best part is Nash and the DRPA will meet next week to talk some more.  Yes, they just are not sure that a $5 toll is too expensive for most commuters.  You can bet the discussion next will not center around the millions of dollars Jeff Nash and DRPA Chief Executive Officer John Matheussen wasted over the years.  For example, yesterday, the DRPA announced it was closing its Cruise Terminal.  Ask yourself, “How many people do I know who cruised from the port of Philadelphia?”.  Yet this Terminal, according to the DRPA, cost the toll payers 3 million dollars year. 

The budget needs to be voted on before the end of the year and Our Governor gets the final say on a toll increase.  Lest hope that if the DRPA board votes to increase tolls Chris Christie will veto the increase. 

It is time for the DRPA to, stop borrowing money, stop spending on board member pet projects,  and live within its means.  Commuters can no longer afford to pay for the Matheussen, Nash et al mismanagement.

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