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Its Official Sen. Madden is Not Your Typical Wet Noodle.

December 12, 2010

Fred Madden

Call it a love of dogs.  Call it something important to his constituents.  Fred Madden showed us he can create and move legislation quickly ….. when it is important to him.  Senator Madden recently introduced “Schultz’s Law”  which provides criminal penalties for anyone convicted of intentionally injuring or killing an emergency service animal.  You may recall Schultz, the late Gloucester Township Police Department K-9, was recently killed in th line of duty.

There can be no argument this is noble legislation that makes us feel good.  Its introduction just before the holiday season only makes us feel a little better.  The legislation gives prosecutors an extra charge and penalty for those criminals who hurt police and other  emergency service animals in the commission of a crime.  Kudos for the Senators firm resolve to address this problem with such speed. 

Unfortunately, when it comes to finial matters we are all to accustom to Senator Madden’s wet noodle legislator approach.  THe wet noodle seemingly cannot  introduce any bills to bring high paying  jobs to South Jersey.  He has been deafeningly silent on John Matheussen’s mismanagement at DRPA.  Nope not a word from Madden on toll increases at the DRPA. Similarly, Madden has failed to introduce any legislation to slow or cap government spending.  His lack of action has led to a burgeoning budget and virtually endless tax increases.

The end result of Fred Madden’s lack of leadership is that honest hard-working taxpayers will bring home less money and receive fewer services.  I wonder how the men and women who lose their police, fire and municipal jobs will feel about the wet noodle legislator when they are struggling to provide for their families.  We are left with the hope that Fred Madden will act with dog like speed with legislation to help cure

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