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New Year’s Resolutions for the Political Class

January 1, 2011


As this year winds down and the new-year begins, it is once again the time to make annual resolutions. However, we all know that most of them are never kept.

The concept of making commitments and following through on positive notions is a good one. However, I seem to have enough on my plate for now, without creating additional personal obligations.

Yet, being a traditionalist, I wish to remain true to this long-lived institution of resolutions. Therefore, as a compromise, I have chosen to compile a list of New Year’s resolutions for others. In this case, I have selected the politicians whose actions impact upon our life and our liberty.

· Rob Andrews – “Even though being Congressman is not really the job I want, I resolve to stop voting for failed concepts of the past in order to be a responsible representative for the citizens of the 2nd Congressional District.”

· Chris Christie – “Now that I have established myself and have started to turn the ship of New Jersey around, I resolve that I will avoid the temptation of national politics and personal ego, in order to keep my hands on the wheel for the entire term as Governor, which doesn’t end until December of 2013.”

· The New Jersey Republican Party – “We resolve to search for, uncover, and encourage effective candidates who will win their contests in November, so that the momentum initiated by our Governor gathers even more steam in the New Jersey Legislature.”

· Tea Party Members – “Now that we are on the inside the halls of power, we resolve to maintain our principles while being unafraid to use our pitchforks to prod RINO’s when appropriate and necessary.”

· Minority Leader Mitch McConnell – “I resolve to continue to be as boring as my predecessors Bill Frist and Trent Lott, but to continue my history of being much more effective than they were.

· John Boehner – “Since only a cynic would doubt my sincerity in being humbled by attaining the position of Speaker of the House and second in line to replace the President of the United States, I resolve to be as diligent in positioning conservative principles as Nancy Pelosi was in pushing through her very left-wing/ liberal agenda.”

· Jon Runyan – “As Congressman of the NJ 3rd, I resolve to demonstrate the type of exceptional work ethic and high-quality performance behaviors that will compare favorably to my All-Pro level as a Philadelphia Eagle.”

· Camden County Republican Party – “Because we have not held any significant power in the City of Camden for over 40 years, we resolve to attack the status quo and offer creative solutions to the problems of Camden, during this challenging time in the city’s history.”

Happy New Year, everyone!
Stew Bolno

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