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Cherry Hill Republican Club Re-Organization Meeting.

January 21, 2011

Wednesday night was the Re-Organization meeting for the Cherry Hill Republican Club. The evening started with the casting of ballots to decide the club President. It as a close race (1 vote decided the outcome) and the entire club was happy to welcome Susan Badaracco as its new president.

The club’s enthusiasm continued through the swearing in of the rest of the club’s officers: Liz DeYoung for first vice president, Nancy Dwyer for second vice president, Steven Lever for treasurer, Kathy Carrig for corresponding secretary, and Karen Harrison for recording secretary. Congratulations to all of the elected officials and thank you for those who ran!

The meeting continued with lots of discussions about moving forward in the new year! If you’re interested in joining any of the club’s committees, please make sure you send your request to Nancy Dwyer.

Check out the rest of the meeting’s photos on our Facebook Page!

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  1. January 22, 2011 10:48 am

    I am very impressed by the activities of the Camden County GOP, and wish to offer to them a Free meeting place, and refreshments, for their executive board, or other committee meetings in an effort to sponsor the GOP of Camden County. I shall provide a “venue” and “refreshments” for any and all of your meetings or fund raisers, here at The Organic Green Cafe at Whitebriar Bed and Breakfast Inns, 1101 Cooper Street, Edgewater park, N.J. 08010.

    Perhaps you are aware that I have “run against Diane Allen” in past primaries, and have already sent a press release out that I will be “running against her again in June, because of her wasteful spending of N.J. Tax Payers monies, in her recently sponsored Bill to Provide “LArge amounts of funding to Planned Parenthood for More abortions”, at a time when N.J. residents are struggling to pay their utilities….Senator Allen is “wasting” N.J. tax monies on “unnecessary” expenses, in an effort to promote her agenda…..Carole Lokan-Moore 609-871-9555, Owner, for virtual tour

  2. January 22, 2011 10:52 am


    CAROLE LOKAN-MOORE, OWNER OF THE ORGANIC GREEN CAFE AT WHITEBRIAR BED AND BREAKFAST INNS, HAS SENT PRESS RELEASE TO ALL NEWSPAPERS CHALLENGING SENATOR ALLEN IN PRIMARY….wasteful spending in recently proposed “Funding of Planned Parenthood” with N.J. Tax payer monies, is the reason for the challenge, among other items that cause Small Business, like Lokan-Moore to struggle with taxes, expenses, in this difficult economy…a factor that Senator Allen just “doesn’t get the message” of thrift….

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