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Turmoil in the Streets of the Mid-East

January 28, 2011

First it was the demonstrations in Iran and Tunisia. Now we see the same thing happening in Egypt. Are these the 90% of Muslims who we are often told about? You know, the ones who crave peace and are sick and tired of living under the conditions that are created by anti-modernist mullahs and expansionist soldiers of Allah.

Perhaps this 90% majority don’t hate their fellow-men and women. If so, they have a right to be sick and tired of being “represented” by jaded jihadist crusaders whose priority seems to be that of killing and maiming Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and even other followers of Mohammed who just happen to disagree with them.

The turmoil in Egypt represents a defining moment for Barrack Obama. It is his third opportunity to make a statement for personal liberty and to support the removal of authoritarian control in the part of the world we call the mid-east.

Will our skillfully articulate President speak up for the concept of “power for the people” or will he continue to be strangely silent, as our fellow world citizens cry out for freedom.

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