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Jeff Nash – More Reckless Spending at the DRPA!

February 5, 2011

Jeff Nash

It is as if Jeff Nash and John Matheussen did not learn their lesson.  The Delaware River Port Authority tried to pay $37,500 for “federal legislation monitoring”. 

Yes after raising the bridge tolls this reckless Authority tried to give a big pay-day to a politically connected lobbing firm.  Fortunately, Chris Christie used his veto power to halt the frivolous payment to the lobbyist.

“In the absence of a valid, existing contract, procured through a competitive process, such a payment is simply improper and effectively amounts to a ‘no-bid’ contract.  This payment violates the Authority’s own recently enacted procurement policy reforms, enacted at my behest after the revelations of substantial waste, abuse and inappropriate expenditures at the Authority,”

 said Governor Christie. 

“Jeff Nash missed another opportunity to serve the people.  Instead of sitting quietly while the DRPA voted to pay a lobbyist,  Nash could have alerted the press that the agency was once again wasting money,” 

said Camden County Republican Chairman Rick DeMichele. 

Thankfully, Republicans  have Chris Christie and Domenick DiCicco to be advocates for the public.

“Public dollars should not be used by government to pay a private firm to lobby another part of government – especially when there is no contract or competitive process to ensure the expense was proper and effective,”

said Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco.  

Toll payers are left to wonder, “When will Jeff Nash and the DRPA ever learn?’

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  1. DIANA ROOD permalink
    February 7, 2011 4:27 pm

    I’m glad you are informing the citizens of NJ and give us a chance to have a voice in the process. Thank you, Diana Rood

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