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Reagan Week – “No Better Fairwell!”

February 11, 2011

Well ….. Reagan Week has been a great adventure for the Camden County GOP and for me personally. 

I have truly enjoyed watching numerous Reagan videos and deciding which are my favorite.  The decisions of which videos to feature were not easy.  I had to watch many videos several times to figure out which were worthy of being the “best”.  I have no regrets in the decision or the amount of time spent re-living history. 

For me Ronald Reagan is why I have always been a Republican.  I turned 18 years old when I was a senior in High School in Cherry Hill. I remember  there was a civics group in the school lobby  encouraging 18 year olds to register to vote.  They encouraged me to register to vote and I did.  This is when the fun part began. 

They asked me to declare party affiliation.  The volunteer at the registration desk said, “Are you a Democrat or a Republican?”  The Decision was easy. I loved our president so I was defiantly a Republican.

Truth be told I still had vivid memories of being a young child in the late seventies of waiting on-line to buy gas for the family station wagon with my mother.  We would wait for our day (odd or even) and then wait in line for hours to get a tank full of gas.  I knew that was no way to live and I knew I did not like Jimmy Carter.  Simply put I was not a Democrat.

A little later in life I started to take a shine to this “actor from California”.  He was our president and I started to have an appreciation for not just  the man but his vision.  It became more than I don’t like Jimmy Carter and his failed liberal policies, I really admired Reagan and his common man commonsense approach to life. 

So today, the last day of our Reagan Week, we say thank you to Ronald Wilson Reagan with a great tribute video.  If you have watched the videos earlier this week you will see again many of the past clips.  The video is nearly 10 minutes but in my opinion worth every second.  Enjoy.

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