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Reagan Week – “President Ronald Reagan’s 100th”

February 6, 2011

Reagan Week Continues.

Today marks what would have been President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday.  Below is the RNC’s commemorative video on this special event.

Feel free to share your favorite Regan memory below.


Jeff Nash – More Reckless Spending at the DRPA!

February 5, 2011

Jeff Nash

It is as if Jeff Nash and John Matheussen did not learn their lesson.  The Delaware River Port Authority tried to pay $37,500 for “federal legislation monitoring”. 

Yes after raising the bridge tolls this reckless Authority tried to give a big pay-day to a politically connected lobbing firm.  Fortunately, Chris Christie used his veto power to halt the frivolous payment to the lobbyist.

“In the absence of a valid, existing contract, procured through a competitive process, such a payment is simply improper and effectively amounts to a ‘no-bid’ contract.  This payment violates the Authority’s own recently enacted procurement policy reforms, enacted at my behest after the revelations of substantial waste, abuse and inappropriate expenditures at the Authority,”

 said Governor Christie. 

“Jeff Nash missed another opportunity to serve the people.  Instead of sitting quietly while the DRPA voted to pay a lobbyist,  Nash could have alerted the press that the agency was once again wasting money,” 

said Camden County Republican Chairman Rick DeMichele. 

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Reagan Week – “Ronald Reagan as President”

February 5, 2011

February 6 marks the 100-year anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birth.  In Celebration of this sepcail day the Camden County Republican Party will pay tribute to “Reagan Week” by offieng at least one post a day for thenext week dedicated to the Gipper.  Below is Stew Bolno’s reflection of Ronald Reagan as President of the United States.

Ronald Reagan

Just imagine, he was born prior to the invention of radio, talking pictures, and television yet used each of them to become a successful actor, pitchman, pundit, politician, and President of the United States. In death, the significance of his accomplishments continues to grow. Our current President is attempting to channel his spirit in the hope that he can grasp and adopt some of the magic that was “The Gipper.”

However, like most great men, Ronald Reagan can not be duplicated. Imitation by others may be the sincerest form of flattery, but copies of the original always pale by comparison. The voting public will not buy counterfeit examples.

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Christie Rejects Empty Civil Service Reform and Sends the Bill Back to Legislature

February 4, 2011

Chris Christie Credit Ed Murray/The Star-Ledger

Yesterday Governor Chris Christie signed a conditional veto of an ineffective civil service “reform” bill advanced by the legislature, citing its failure to include the critically needed opt-out and furlough options for municipalities.  The bill seeks to pacify special interests by leaving out the most effective provisions and adding others that, by omission or inclusion, completely fail to provide real reform to help control workforce costs and property taxes.

“This bill represents tepid, ineffective and meaningless change,”

the Governor said in his veto message on the bill, A-3590. 

“I proposed real reform which would give local officials another tool to constrain property taxes.  The legislature has sent me special interest approved ‘reform’ that will do nothing to constrain property taxes.  The time for real reform of civil service is overdue.  I cannot and will not sign this bill in this form.”

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Apparently the Democrats did NOT Learn Anything Last November.

February 2, 2011

Somehow the US Senate Democrats are unsure of the will of the people.  They are a little unsure whether Obamacare should be repealed.  The US Senate defeated the Republican sponsored bill to repeal Obamacare.

The vote was strictly along party-lines, with all 47 Republicans in favor and 51 Democrats opposed.  Below is a Republican press conference just after the vote.

Correction!: Magnolia Republican Meeting!

February 2, 2011


Kevin Ehret, Magnolia Municipal Chairman


Magnolia Republicans to meet next Tuesday!

This is a great opportunity for member of the community and local party to come out and meet fellow republicans.  All Are Welcome.

Meeting Details

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

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Barrington GOP Meeting: Come One Come All

February 1, 2011



Please join the Barrington Republican Club

for their first meeting of 2011


At Novella’s,


312 Clements Bridge Road,

Barrington, New Jersey


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